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From the Editor’s Desk: Summer

By Karl Jones

With graduation and Memorial Day behind us, summer is in full swing now.

Empty Nest: Wait and See About '23

Strange year. My first clue as to just how strange '23 was going to be was when our McIntosh Apple Tree didn't bloom. Ginnie and I have lived on the Empty Nest Farm going on eight years now, and that Mac Apple Tree has over produced every year, with apple-laden branches bent clear to the ground. The Macs are nice apples, too—full of flavor and great for eating or pies.

Conservative Corner: Memorial Day

By Paul Swanson

Coffee Therapy

It seems like all the parents and grandparents of school kids were showing pictures of the last day of school next to the first day last fall. It is obvious that all the kids have grown which makes the parents comment, "Where has the time gone?" Wait until they get our age and see how fast it goes.

From the Editor’s Desk: Remembering their sacrifice

By Karl Jones

President Lyndon B. Johnson is not someone we often talk about in our history classes. Often overshadowed by his predecessor, President John F. Kennedy, his time as the 36th president is either glossed over, or simply not discussed due to time constraints.

Schools Tour at Old Threshers

Rich Seberg attended the first Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant in 1950. He was born in July of that year and his mother took him in a basket and stowed the basket under a table. He fussed some so people knew he was there.

Conservative Corner: Durham

By Paul Swanson

Coffee Therapy

Another busy week with a lot of doctor appointments. If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't get out of the house much. My report was good. The break is healing and next week I begin physical therapy. I finally got the bandage off the incision. I had to soak it in the shower. Whatever kind of glue they use, it works! I could probably think of a few other places to use it.

From the Editor's: Desk Game Review Scores and a Job Well Done
Empty Nest: Corn Stalk Shock!

It was hot and muggy, with temperatures in the low nineties in Missouri (making it misery) and high eighties in Iowa—unusually hot for early May. Ginnie and I had been in Liberty, Missouri for a surprise 70th birthday party for her sister. Pulling into our driveway we noticed the garbage can blown over and one of my sculptures, Mr. Olson (made out of Folgers coffee cans), with his arm broken off. There had been wind.

Conservative Corner: Chevron

By Paul Swanson

Coffee Therapy

This week is going fast. I am doing well. Sunday I moved into a Big Girl's bed. I figured I didn't need to sleep in the lift chair anymore. Had to see first if I was able to get up and out of the bed. You know when you are older and go to get out of a chair, you have to rock a couple times before you make it. Maybe once and I am up. That really feels good.

Newspaper isn’t the only media Nelson Media Company tells story in

Video and other marketing innovations on the rise

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

The Unbreakable Bond: Celebrating the Women Who Shape Our Lives

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Maybe you sing her praises daily and never forget to say thank you. Perhaps she’s always on your mind but it only takes an occasional call or visit to remind her of just how important she is to you.

From the Editor’s Desk: Mowing Season

By Karl Jones

As I have been going to events and interviews over the past few weeks, I have noticed that everyone seems to be out mowing their lawns.

Dr. Phil Clevenger, “Enjoying Something From Each Day!!”

Phil Clevenger may have gotten his grit and determination from his grandfather, Ulrie Clevenger, who was known to say and put into practice that he'd, “Walk a mile to pull a cocklebur.” Phil was my friend and classmate growing up in the fifties and sixties in Monroe, Iowa. Phil was a farm boy, but with what you might say, urban leanings. He was smart, athletic, and had an infectious smile.

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