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Jaguar of the Week

Isaiah Ihrig is our Jag of the Week!

Isaiah is a student who completes all his work then offers to help others. He is always positive and carries a smile on his face. Isaiah communicates with manners and is very caring toward others.

Isaiah is the son of Stacy Ihrig and Chris Ihrig.

Dayton Public Library lines up informative programs

By Courtney Sogard

Special to the Leader

The Dayton Public Library will be hosting some informative programs Wednesday, May 17, beginning with the "Remembering the Apron" program at 12 p.m. with Sheila Craig.

A library for gardening?

By Courtney Sogard

Special to the Leader

The Dayton Public Library now has a Seed Library available to anyone who would like to grow some plants this spring. They hold a permit with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, which allows them to host this seed exchange program. They have a selection of flowers, vegetables, and herbs available for check out.

National Amphibian Week is May 7-13

The loud singing from springtime marshes comes from a tiny package, the chorus frog – an inch-long virtuoso common to Iowa. Chorus frogs along with other frogs, toads and salamanders are being recognized during National Amphibian Week, May 7-13.

Water Summary Update: April 2023 - Another dry month

DES MOINES — Rainfall in April was just over two inches but 1.5 inches below normal for the month. This comes after a drier than normal March. As a result, streamflows are down across much of the state, and conditions are generally deteriorating in the eastern two-thirds of Iowa. While all of the Drought Regions of Iowa are rated as "normal, " downward trends are shown in the state's central, northeastern, and southeastern parts.

How to Get a Blue Ribbon at the 2023 Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES -- The Iowa State Fair is the premier showcase of the very best in Iowa each August. Blue ribbons are the coveted top award for competition at the Fair and it might be easier than you think to get your very own.

100 Days Until the Best Days Ever

DES MOINES -- Only 100 days until the 2023 Iowa State Fair and the BEST DAYS EVER! Food, concerts, local entertainment, special contests, zany competitions, livestock and more!

Letter to the Editor

To Our Wonderful Community,

Jaguar of the Week

Riley Hanson is our Jag of the Week!

Riley is always friendly. He does a great job in class by following expectations and getting his work done. On top of that, he looks for ways to connect his learning to what he wants to do in life. He knows that repetition and practice lead to better outcomes; the foundation of lifelong learning.

Riley is the son of Chris Hanson and Mindy Mueller.

Dayton City Council discuss bridge replacement

By Karl Jones

On April 26, the Dayton City Council discussed the possibility of replacing the bridge on 4th Avenue Southeast.

Updated Meteorological and Elevation Data Available for Use in Air Dispersion Modeling

When the EPA released updates to the AERMOD modeling system on June 27, 2022, they included updates to AERMET, the preprocessor used to generate meteorological data for use in AERMOD.

Celebrate Iowa trees throughout the year

DES MOINES – Every Arbor Day, Iowans pay special attention to the benefits of our trees and dedicate themselves to planting and managing Iowa's trees and forests.

Bird feeding 101 – attracting birds and maintaining feeders

Bird feeding is among the most popular pastimes in the country, enjoyed by an estimated 57 million people who spend roughly $4 billion annually on seed, baths and feeders, books and binoculars.

It's Back: Sign Up for 2023 Hook n' Paddle Passport

The Hook n' Paddle Passport, launched last summer, has been refreshed and is ready for a second year of fun.

Sign up online and start collecting points for checking in to more than 90 local fishing and paddling locations across Iowa. In-pass mapping makes it easy to find locations near you.

DNR crews achieve walleye collection goals

A dramatic warming trend, along with the correct photoperiod, allowed DNR staff to capture more than 3,100 adult female walleyes in a short amount of time at Clear, Rathbun, and Storm lakes.

Win weekly prizes while helping to improve walleye fishing

Iowa DNR is partnering with My Catch by Angler's Atlas to conduct a statewide walleye fishing challenge starting today through June 30.

Win weekly prizes and help Iowa DNR expand walleye collection data by simply recording your catches. The individual who catches walleyes in the most different locations statewide will win additional prizes valued at over $150.

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